Volume 2: Issue 1

Essays Elijah Pierce and Material Conversions Sally M. Promey

Obey God and Live (Vision of Heaven) is Elijah Pierce’s personal conversion narrative. In this piece of wood he depicted the definitive episode of his own spiritual autobiography, an event in his past that he understood to (re)organize, interpret, and frame his entire life.

Constellations Street Altars in Mexico City Esther Kersley

This series of images, taken over the course of six months, documents the street altars dotted around Mexico’s dense, urbanized capital, home to over twenty-one million people.

Object Narratives Miki Kratsman, Diptych from The Resolution of the Suspect Laura S. Levitt

In The Resolution of the Suspect, photographer Miki Kratsman builds on the reliquary nature and the transitive qualities of the carte-de-visite, creating a diptych: the historic image on one page of the centerfold and his own photograph of the bloody garment of a single unnamed Palestinian martyr on the other.

Object Narratives Georgia O’Keeffe, Black Cross with Stars and Blue Jeffrey Richmond-Moll

In 1929, on her first visit to New Mexico, the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) observed the animate potential of the region’s religious material culture.