Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed of experts in fields related to visual and material practices of religions. Members of the Editorial Board undertake peer-review of all materials submitted for consideration for publication in Conversations.

Renée Ater

University of Maryland - Art History

Tim Barringer

Yale University - History of Art

Elisabeth Cameron

University of California Santa Cruz - History of Art and Visual Culture

Carolyn Dean

University of California Santa Cruz - History of Art and Visual Culture

Finbarr Barry Flood

New York University - Art History and Middle East and Islamic Studies

Marko Geslani

University of South Carolina - Religious Studies

Anne Helmreich

Getty Foundation 

Renata Holod

University of Pennsylvania - History of Art

Paul Christopher Johnson

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - History, Afroamerican and African Studies, & Anthropology

Kristine Juncker

University of London - Latin American Studies

Webb Keane

University of Michigan - Anthropology

Laura Levitt

Temple University - Religion, Jewish Studies & Gender

Kate Lingley

University of Hawai’i at Manoa - Art History

Kathryn Lofton

Yale University - American Studies, Religious Studies, History, & Divinity

Vasileios Marinis

Yale University - The Institute of Sacred Music & Divinity School

Birgit Meyer

Universiteit Utrecht - Religious Studies

Barbara E. Mundy

Tulane University - Art History

Louis Nelson

University of Virginia, School of Architecture - Architectural History

Margaret Olin

Yale University - History of Art, Religious Studies, & Judaic Studies / Yale Divinity School

Kristian Petersen

Old Dominion University - Philosophy and Religious Studies

Sally M. Promey

Yale University - American Studies & Religion and Visual Culture

Linda Seidel

University of Chicago - Art History

Yui Suzuki

University of Maryland, College Park - Art History

Bryan Wolf

Yale University - American Studies