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Casa con siepe interno1
House with internal fences

Casa del Rè con più [siepe]
House of the King with more fences

Non usano murare ne tavolate ne scale ne finestre ne [. . .] ne matarazzi o altro [. . .] non Cuscine nõ coperte. Letti sono [comé canniciati] ; ó [blank] usano pochi piatti di legno, vasi di zucchí

They do not use stone and mortar, or planks, or stairs, or windows, or [. . .] or mattresses, or other […] no cushions, no blankets. Beds are [like caned mats], or [blank] They use a small number of wooden plates. Pots made of gourds.

  • 1. About fences in Kongo architecture see Fromont, The Art of Conversion, 185-87.
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