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1: Papagallo1 questi di questa etiopia; a diferenza di quelli del Brazile; sono cinerizi pintati2 o puntati di Bianco con la Coda accesamente vermiglia parlano e aprendano a parlare come gli altri 2: galline del matto3, che in sustanza sono i nostri fugiani e di queste ne abbonda la Terra; 3: flamengo4 4 Martinet5 5: Caragiù6

[verso in Portuguese] diverssos pacaros 

1: Parakeet those from this Ethiopia; unlike those of Brazil; they are grey painted or dotted of White with the tail bright red; they speak and they learn to speak as the others 2: bush hen that in substance are our pheasants and there are many in the Land 3: flamingo 4: Martinet 5 Caragiú 

[verso in Portuguese] various birds

  • 1. Psittacus erithacus.
  • 2. Perhaps from Portuguese, pintado: painted. Pintada is also a synonym for galhina do mato.
  • 3. From Portuguese galinha do mato, also known as galinha d’Angola, bush hen [Numida meleagris] an African species introduced in the Americas by the Portuguese.
  • 4. Portuguese, flamengo: flamingo. Unclear what animal the image depicts, not from the flamingo family [Phoenicopteridae].
  • 5. From the Portuguese martinete: name used for several different birds. Pictured is perhaps the red-neck spurfowl [Pternistis afer].
  • 6. Perhaps from caragià, a people and region of Amazonian Brazil. In either case unclear what bird is depicted.
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