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Palma1 che dà Vino detto malaffo.2 di sostanza. Dolce imbriaca. sempré si hà. ascendono cõ un cerchio à prender dalle Zucchettí attaccatí quello che vi è sco=lato.

Palm tree that gives wine called malaffo. Rich. Sweet. Makes one drunk. It is had all the time. They go up with a hoop to get what has dripped in the little gourds attached.

  • 1. About palm trees see Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi and Fortunato Alamandini, Istorica descrizione de’ tre regni Congo, Matamba et Angola sitvati nell’ Etiopia inferiore occidentale e delle missioni apostoliche esercitateui da religiosi Capuccini (Bologna: Giacomo Monti, 1687), 30-33. Palm wine was harvested from a number of palm species including the raffia palm Elaeis guinensis
  • 2. From Kikongo and Kimbundu, malafu: palm wine. Appears as malaúú: in Vocabularium.
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