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Pade  Misso che batteza 1: altar portatile aperto e armato 2: Pade: che Batteza 3: cocho con cui batteza; questo e un frutto de un arbore chiamato cocho se li pone un poco di manico e con esso si batezza; 4: emcade;1 questa sono le Zappe del Paese; che le portano p[er] offerta al Pade 5: fusi di bambaga filato che pare portano p[er] offerta 6: galline parimte portate per offerta; molte volte portano manduin2 stoie fagio[. . .] zuche e altre cose delle quali vive il Pade e la sua gente

Father Missionary who baptizes 1: portable altar opened and outfitted 2: Father who baptizes 3: coconut with which he baptizes; this is a fruit from a tree called coco one puts a little handle to it and with it baptizes 4: emcade; these are the hoes of the Land; which they bring as offering to the Father 5: threaded cotton spindles which they also bring as offering 6: hens similarly brought as offering; they often bring peanuts cloth beans gourds and other things of which the Father and his people live 

  • 1. From the Portuguese, enxada: hoe.
  • 2. From the Portuguese, amendoim: peanuts.
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