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Missionari condotti prigrioneri alla presenca della Regina Zinga; con animo che ella li facessi morire; ma p[er] divina inspirattione in un subbito mutata li ricevi benighamte e si battezò, e mori con sentimento da vera Cristiana; tiro mirabile della d: providenza; gia che morta d: Regina; mancò la fede in quel regno et hora si travaglia a rimeterre; ma p[er] anche il Sig:e Id:o non apre le congiuntura 1: Reina Anna Zinga 2: schiavo che serve di sgabello alla Reina; essendo questa l’uso o superbia di questi regnanti 3: Dama di corte o confidente 4 : Padi Misi 5 : ministri di giustizia

Missionaries taken as prisoners to the presence of the Queen Njinga; with the intention she would have them killed; but by divine inspiration in a sudden change she received them kindly and got baptized, and died in the conviction of a true Christian; remarkable strike of said providence; since that said queen is dead; faith in that kingdom failed and now we are working at restoring it; but for now the Lord God does not provide the opportunity 1: Queen Anna Zinga1 2: slave that serves as stool to the Queen, this being the custom or conceit of these rulers 3: Lady in waiting or confident 4: Missionary Fathers 5: minister of justice 

  • 1. Anna: baptismal name of Njinga. About Queen Njinga see Heywood, Njinga of Angola.
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