Mass baptism

Genti che [. . .] à battezzarsi sapendo essere arrivato il sacerdote, et à centinaia. Sarà tal uno capucino che caminando il paese fin hora in 7 à dieci anni sarà arrivato à 100 mila. battezati si partono battendo le mani per li monti &. questi Christiani andando fuori in campagna portano all vso loro Archi e frezze. ma nel mezzo di queste la Croce ^e corrona al collo La settimana santa à molte centinaia si bastono a Sangue senza di poi sbuffarsi con vino chí non hanno, nè vi fanno altro medicamento. Poche infermità hanno perche mangiano poco, e cibi di poca sostanza & perche pigliano sempre tabacco infumo, che gli asciota gli humori.  nè hanno speziare, ne hosterie. nè Tribunale. ne Arti. ne Armenti. nè agricoltura. poche horti gli bastano. La terra tutta herbato di Avena. et in libertà. 

People who [gather] to be baptized as they learn that the priest has arrived, and by the hundreds. Maybe a capuchin traveling through the country after 7 to ten years will have reached 100 thousand baptisms. They leave clapping their hands in the hills &. These Christians who go around in the countryside wear in their manner Bows and arrows. But in their midst [they have] the Cross ^and a rosary around the neck. During Holy Week they beat themselves to blood in the hundreds without spraying themselves with wine, which they do not have, nor do they apply other medicine. They have few diseases because they eat little, and food of little substance, & because they always take tobacco in smoke, which dries their humors. They do not have pharmacies, or restaurants, or Tribunals, or Arts, or cattle, or agriculture, a few gardens suffices them. The entire land is green with fodder, and wild. 


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