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Esperienza p[er] conoscere i ladri, o veramte altra sorte di giuramento. accusato uno di ladro un tal ministro del Diavolo chiamato Nbaù1 arroventa un ferro e gle ne pone sopra una gamba, se arde e convinto e condennato Se non arde resta libero onde il Dem:o p[er] tenerli inganati fa che alcune volte non arde 1: ladro 2: foco 3: ferro Infoc: 4: Incantatore

Experiment to expose the thieves, or really another type of oath. someone being accused of theft a certain minister of the Devil called Nbaù makes an iron red-hot and put its on one of the legs, if it burns [the person] is convicted and condemned If it does not burn he remains free so that the Devil to deceive them makes it so that at times it does not burn 1: thief 2: fire 3: iron Made red-hot 4: Enchanter

  • 1. See Cavazzi and Alamandini, Istorica descrizione, 92.
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