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Altro giuramento detto Bolungo1 questo e un carbon di foco; quello que giura la piglia in bocca se si scotta e reo e se non si scotta in[n]ocento 1: sacerdote 2: cornetti 3: pastorale 4: ferro 5: fuoco 6: negro che piglia il giuramento [. . .] 

Another trial called Bolungo it is a piece of charcoal from the fire. The one who makes the trial puts it in the mouth. If one burns oneself one is guilty and if one does not burn oneself one is innocent 1: priest 2: small horns 4: iron 5: fire 6: black [man] who takes the oath

  • 1. Cavazzi describes the Bulungo oath in the kingdoms of Matamba and Angola, but it is a different process, involving poison, than the one described here. See Cavazzi and Alamandini, Istorica descrizione, 93. See also the unpaginated vocabulary of words from Matamba in Antonio da Gaeta and Gioia, La maravigliosa conversione.
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