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Altro incantatore contro le tempeste queste le dileque con minaccie tenendo in mano un fascetto di Penne p[er] frustare con esse il vento. e parimenti nel altra mano una certa loro arma chiamata cacciaporra1 parimente con penne, p[er] rompere le nuvole cosi concorrendoci il diavolo [?] fanno riserenare l’aria

1: Incantatore 2: frusta di Penne 3: cacciappora con penne

Another enchanter against the storms this one dissolves it with threats holding in his hand a bundle of Feathers with which to whip the wind. and similarly in the other hand a certain weapon of theirs called cacciaporra also with feathers to break the clouds thus with the contribution of the devil [?] they make the air calm down

1: Enchanter 2: whip of Feathers 3: cachaporra with feathers 

  • 1. From Portuguese, cachaporra: cudgel.
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