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photographic film, photography
Place of Origin: 
1975 CE

Photograph by William Ferris from The South in Color: A Visual Journal, William R. Ferris Collection, Southern Folklife Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Left to right. Front row: Robert McGowan, Aaron "Dickie" Thomas (green shirt), John Henry Wright (gold shirt), Alfred Lee McGowan (white shirt), unidentified woman in green, Brenda Fay Appleton (pink and blue dress), Ida Thomas (blue dress with pink in center), Dessie "Ree" Thomas (green dress with white collar), Diane Wright Smith, Larry "L.S." Huband, Mary "Liz" Martin (pink blouse), Mary Ellen McGowan (under Mary Martin’s hands), Patricia "Pat" Price (with bag), Allen "Man" McGowan, Annie "Ann" McGowan (white dress and white hat), Cathy McGowan (green dress), Amanda Gordon (standing in white dress behind Cathy McGowan), unidentified lady with bag, Bertide Smith (yellow dress and white hat), Dora "Red" Russell (white dress with usher ribbon and white hat), Rosie Wallace (white dress with usher ribbon and white hat), Rosie McGowan (small girl in front in white dress with usher ribbon and white hat), Allen McGowan (brown suit and gold shirt), Alton McGowan (gold shirt), unidentified young boy in white shirt. Left to right, in doorway: Mary "Monk" Gordon (white hat), Harvey Bass (man in hat), unidentified man without hat, Martha "Tet" Appleton (white dress and hat), Beatrice McGowan (behind Martha Appleton), Betty Ann Thomas (dark blue dress), Lucindy McGriggs (white hat), Mary Lee Appleton (green dress), unidentified man in hat, Steve Washington (gold shirt).