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photography, albumen process
Place of Origin: 
1862-1875 CE

In order of appearance, photographs depict 1) Robert Bonner, 2) Ella Bonner, 3) Mr. Chapin, oil merchant - & his spirit wife & babe recognized, 4) Unidentified woman with male "spirit" pointing upwards, 5) Col. Cushman, 6) John J. Glover, 7) Mrs. Tinkham, 8) Mrs. French, 9) Charles H. Foster, 10) Unidentified man seated with female "spirit," 11) Bronson Murray, 12) Child "spirit" with photograph and figurine on table, 13) Five "spirits" in background with a photograph at center of table with a doily, 14) Ella Bonner, 15) Mr. Tinkham and his spirit-wife recognised, 16) Three "spirits" with a photograph on a table propped against a vase with flowers, 17) Unidentified woman seated with arms of a "spirit" over her head, 18) Unidentified man with muttonchops seated with arms crossed, a female "spirit" in the background, 19) Unidentified elderly woman seated, three "spirits" in the background, 20) Female "spirit" with a carte-de-visite on a table propped against an album, 21) Unidentified balding man with a long white beard, seated, 22) L.A. Bigelow, 23) Mrs. H.B. Sawyer, 24) Unidentified man with a long beard seated with three "spirits," 25) Unidentified woman seated with a female "spirit" in background, 26) Mrs. A.L. Chamberlain, 27) Unidentified woman wearing a white dress seated with a "spirit," 28) William Lloyd Garrison, 29) Mrs. Conant, 30) Mr. Brown & His Spirit Sister Recognised, 31) Mrs. S.A. Floyd, 32) Unidentified balding, bearded man reading while seated, 33) Female "spirit" standing next to a table with a photograph propped against a vase with flowers, 34) Mrs. Swan, 35) Master Herrod, 36) Henry Wilson, 37) Female "spirit" with three male "spirits" next to table with a cabinet card propped against an album, 38) Unidentified bearded man seated, a female "spirit" in the background, 39) Harry Gordon. Images used courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program. For more detailed information about individual photographs, visit the Getty page here