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MAVCOR Galleries allow site users to to assemble their own personally curated MAVCOR content. After creating an account for this purpose, individuals or groups working together, can gather together articles and objects from MAVCOR Journal and the Material Objects Archive. Galleries can be designated public or private. Users can also retain their own notes related to the items included in their Galleries. In order to add an article or object to a Gallery, simply visit that article or object's page and select "add to Gallery" from the grey sidebar. A prompt will appear to asking you to either create a new Gallery or add the item to a preexisting Gallery. You will also be given the option of adding notes to the item as it will appear on your Gallery page. When creating a Gallery, you will have the choice of making it "public," in which case it will de displayed on the "User Galleries" page, or "private," and thus visible only to you as creator.