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Ingrid Norton

Ingrid Norton is a doctoral student in English literature at Princeton University. She works on long nineteenth-century American literature and its twentieth- and twenty-first-century legacies. She is interested in generational memory and the ways that American writers recall and reshape the past through their work. Norton's other main preoccupation is the shifting boundaries between the secular, the sacred, and the supernatural in American literature and culture, from the nineteenth century to the present.

Norton has a MTS in religion and literature from Harvard Divinity School. As an undergraduate, she majored in history and philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin.

Norton is also an experienced literary journalist. Her essays and short stories have appeared in publications such as Boston Review, Dissent, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Litro, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Open Letters Monthly. Her most recent essay, "Mourning 9/11 Fifteen Years Later," appeared in Boston Review in 2016.

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