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Anne Helmreich

Anne Helmreich, Dean, College of Fine Arts, Texas Christian University, is an art historian specializing in the art of long nineteenth-century with a focus on Great Britain. She trained at the University of Pittsburgh (MA) and Northwestern University (Ph.D.). Her current research investigates the history of the art market. She co-edited with Pamela Fletcher The Rise of the Modern Art Market in London, 1850-1939 (Manchester University Press, 2011). Her essay, co-authored with Pamela Fletcher, “Local/Global: Mapping Nineteenth-Century London’s Art Market,” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide (2012) won the ARIAH Prize for Online Publishing, 2015. Through her own research and her work at the Getty Foundation as a Senior Program Officer, where she oversaw the strategic grant initiatives Digital Art History and the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative from 2011 to 2015, she is an emerging expert in the digital humanities. In 2014, she co-authored with Tim Hitchcock and William J. Turkel “Rethinking inventories in the digital age: the case of the Old Bailey,” Journal of Art Historiography (2014). She is currently at work on an analysis of the London art market and the strategies developed over the period 1850-1920s to create value for works of art. Her work on the material culture of circulation and network formation has also led her to study the rise of the art market in New York City and its changing socio-geography. Both studies are concerned with how the commercial art gallery emerged as a critically important contact zone that facilitated and accelerated processes of artistic exchange and encounter.

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