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Alexandra Kaloyanides

Alexandra Kaloyanides will be Postdoctoral Scholar at the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford from 2015 through 2017, when she will head to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to begin a position as assistant professor in Buddhism. During her graduate work at Yale University, Kaloyanides trained in the study of Asian religions and American religious history. Her dissertation, "Baptizing Buddhists: The Nineteenth-Century American Missionary Encounter with Burmese Buddhism," brings together the personal correspondences, evangelical tracts, material cultures, ritual manuals, and religious practices generated and collected by both parties to the complex cultural interaction between the Baptists who sought converts and the peoples of Burma who interpreted and replied to their incursion. This dissertation ultimately explores the way that religions are understood through cultural encounter. Kaloyanides is currently embarking on a new project that builds on her doctoral work: a study of the Modern Insight Meditation Movement. This movement began as a Buddhist practice tailored for Burmese laypeople, but became, over the course of the twentieth century, a popular and formalized meditation program taught in retreat centers, prisons, schools, corporations, and hospitals throughout the world. 

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