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Conversations: An Online Journal of the Center for the Study of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion, is a born-digital, double-blind peer-reviewed journal, ISSN 2475-241X

We welcome contributions Conversations (Objects Narratives, Constellations, Medium Studies, Mediations, Essays, and Interviews) and to Collections and the Material Object Archive by scholars at all ranks and accept submissions year-round. Please bear in mind that MAVCOR's audiences are as diverse as our content. Contributions should combine substantial and original scholarship with accessibility to a generally educated public. See our Style Guide for more information about our different content types

Official MAVCOR Style Guide

Prior to acceptance for publication, submissions are subject to review by the MAVCOR Editorial Board. Submissions not complying with the specifications set forth in the Style Guide will not be considered. Submissions—including Word documents, copies of associated images, and applicable permissions forms—should be sent to

Image Rights Information

All contributors to Conversations (Objects Narratives, Constellations, Mediations, Medium Studies, Essays, and Interviews) as well as to Collections are responsible for providing the high-resolution images (300 dpi) that accompany their contributions. Contributors may either:

(1) explicate and interpret items already present in the Material Objects Archive; or,

(2) supply an outside image for addition to the Material Objects Archive. MAVCOR encourages contributors to pursue publication permissions from image rights holders where financially and logistically feasible. When submitting a new image for which publication permissions have been acquired from the rights holders, contributors should include a signed MAVCOR Permissions Form by means of which the rights holder agrees to supply MAVCOR with at least one high-resolution image of the item(s) under discussion in a given submission AND to allow the image(s) in question to be added to the Material Objects Archive should a submission be accepted for publication. In the event that the rights holder exhorts prohibitive fees, or is unresponsive to image permission requests, AND the image is freely available in the high resolution format required by MAVCOR, MAVCOR encourages contributors to exercise their fair use rights under United States copyright law.

In cases where submissions discuss an object not already present in the Material Objects Archive and for which reproductions can only be acquired at cost, submitters are themselves responsible for these costs and are asked to include a copy of email correspondence with an appropriate rights-holder confirming that the image/s in question is/are available for this use. Estimated total costs for each image should also be included with the submission. In rare cases, once a contribution is accepted for publication, MAVCOR may be able to help defray some costs associated with reproduction acquisition; this will be decided on a case-by-case basis as funds for these purposes are very limited. No reimbursements will be issued for reproductions purchased prior to acceptance and image approval by MAVCOR's managing staff.

Official MAVCOR Fair Use Policy and Permissions Form

Suggestions of items for inclusion in the Material Objects Archive are also welcome if submitted with completed Permissions documentation. We regret that we are unable to consider reimbursements for images/rights not associated with a submission to Conversations. In short, stand-alone submissions of items/images to the Material Objects Archive are welcomed and encouraged, but submitters are solely responsible for acquiring permissions; we assume many of these items may come from the scholars who photographed them, who hold both image and photography rights, and who are willing to grant MAVCOR permission for this use.